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The History of Cape Town – a Tourist Guide is a chronology of key dates in the history of Cape Town, from the earliest times.
It presents a synopses of various time periods, National Monuments, prominent people, military and economic developments.
I hope that you will enjoy your journey through time...

The Dutch Settlement

In July 1651 Jan van Riebeeck submitted a viability report to the DIEC, to establish a refreshment post at the Cape of Good HopeThis certainly impressed the Lords 17, and van Riebeeck was apponited as Commander of the Cape.

On the 14th December 1651 he departed from the city of Amsterdam, onboard the Drommedaris, Elisabeth and Sebastiana,

He was accompanied by a fleet consisting of the Reijger, Goede Hoop, Walvis and the Olifant.

On the 5th of April 1652, Table Mountain was sighted. The voyage had taken just over one hundred days.

They anchored shortly after sunset in 9 meters of water at the mouth of th Fresh River.

Early the next morning the skipper of the Drommedaris, Davit Coninck, accompanied by the oarsmen and 6 soldiers went ashore to see whether passing ships had buried any letters there, and at the same time procure some greens for refreshments.

On the 7th of April 1652, Jan van Riebeeck stepped ashore. The settlement of the Cape had begun…





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