Early Inhabitants

Approximately 8 000 years ago, scattered groups of hunter-gatherers formed the sole populace of Southern Africa.

About 2000 years ago the descendants of these hunter-gatherers began to make contact with the Khoikhoi (Men of men), which were predominantly cattle-herders. Khoikhoi herders developed from hunter-gatherer societies in Southern Africa. They acquired cattle from the first agriculturists who had migrated into the area. These were probably the Black people. Population pressure and the need for better grazing then compelled the herders to become migrants. In the process they spread from the central interior to the grazing lands of the Cape coastal region in particular. 

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Table Mountain

mountains of the ;\-orld, dominates the picturesque Cape Peninsula. It is unparalleled in its majesty, its scenic beauty and its symbolism. C. A. Liickhoff expresses this , with sensitivity: “This mountain has come forth from the hands of the Great Architect. Through aeons it has been carved and moulded by the unceasing rhythm of Nature’s vast forces. It has been clothed with love\i.

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The Battle of Blaauwberg

In July 1805, a fleet sailed from England to recapture the Cape. Janssens, who, from the time he learned that the English and French were again at war, knew that an attack would be made on the Cape, had done his utmost to strengthen the defences of the Colony. But he had nothing like enough forces at his disposal.

On January 4, 1806, the British fleet dropped anchor between Robben Island and the shore.

In July 1651 Jan van Riebeeck submitted a viability report to the DIEC, to establish a refreshment post at the Cape of Good HopeThis certainly impressed the Lords 17, and van Riebeeck was apponited as Commander of the Cape.

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Sir Herbert Baker

Sir Herbert Baker & Francis Macey Archirects

Sir Herbert Baker was the most renowned architect to have practised in South Africa. He had his name connected with the Empire Builders and was knighted for his work in this respect. In New Delhi, India, he worked in conjunction with one of his closest friends, Sir Edwin Lutyens (designer of the Johannesburg Art Gallery) 

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Ditrict Six

District Six was a multi working-class area just off the centre of Cape Town, to the south of the Castle. Today it is an almost vacant lot, shown on maps as the suburb of Zonnebloem. Before being torn apart by the apartheid regime during the sixties and seventies, District Six, was an impoverished but lively community of 55 000, predominantly coloured people.It was once known as the soul of Cape Town,

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“De Schotschekloof”, 79 Dorp Street

This is probably the oldest building in the Bokaap, and was the homestead of the Schotsche Kloof Garden. It was granted to Andries Thomasz in 1707. In the 1724-estate inventory the owner Christina de Bruyn, described it as single storey. Jan de Waal must have converted the house into a double story soon after aquiring the property, because in the 1768-estate inventory, it was described as double storey.

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