General Post Office



Overlooking the western side of the Parade is the lofty General Post Office building. It was completed in 1940 on the site of the old Opera House. The exterior displays some interesting carvings and the main hall has six outstanding panels around the walls executed by leading contemporary artists of the forties. At the time of its completion it was the tallest building in Africa. Today, the Banking Hall is used as an indoor market for informal traders.

Mural No. 1 – “The Landing of Van Riebeeck at the Cape”, painted by J. H. Amshowitz. This shows Jan van Riebeeck landing at Table Bay with a band of 125 Europeans.

Mural No.2 – “Lady Anne Barnard at the Cape” was also painted by Amshowitz. Lady Anne Barnard was the wife of the Secretary to the Governor of the Cape Colony who resided in Cape Town from 1797 where she made her presence known as a leader in the social and cultural life.

Mural No.3 – “Mail Boat arriving at Table Bay Docks”, painted by G. W. Pilkington. For the past 120 years, the ships of the Union-Castle Company have carried the mail between the United Kingdom and South Africa.




Mural No.4 – “The Landing of the 1820 Settlers at the Cape Colony”, painted by Pilkington. These British Immigrants landed at Algoa Bay and settled in the Eastern Province.




Mural No.5 – An example of typical Cape Architecture painted by Sydney Carter. The distinctive design of the Cape homes with their gabled facades in the country districts and the more severe frontages of the town houses have become world-renowned.



Mural No.6 – “In the Malay Quarter” painted by Sydney Carter. This is one of the most colourful areas of old Cape Town and is being preserved as part of our heritage.

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